Deed Restrictions

Lakewood Park, Section 3

As amended, March 2007


1. Designation of Use.

   All lots shall be used for single family residential purposes, with not more than one residence on any lot. No lot shall be used for a trade or profession; nor shall anything be done on any lot which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.

 The following restrictions apply to the phrase: “used for single family residential purposes.”

a) A property, residence or dwelling (“property”) shall be occupied by the homeowner and his/her immediate family, or by a tenant holding a valid lease issued by the homeowner or their designated agent. No lease shall be for a period of less than six consecutive months unless prior written approval is obtained from the Bull Creek Homeowners Association (“BCHOA”) Board of Directors.

b) No owner, agent or lease-holder may sublease or otherwise assign a lease to a third party without the prior written approval of the BCHOA Board of Directors.

c) If a lease is terminated for any reason prior to the completion of a full and consecutive six-month term, the property may not be leased again without the prior written approval of the BCHOA Board of Directors.

d) No property may be advertised in any medium unless the property is available for sale or for lease for a minimum of six months within thirty days of the advertisement.

2.   Retention of Easements.

       Easements are reserved as indicated on the recorded plat.

3. Temporary Structures and Garage Apartments.

    No apartment house, house trailer, tent shack, garage apartment or other outbuilding shall be placed, erected, or permitted to remain on any lot or plot, nor shall any structure of temporary character be used at any time as a residence thereon.

4. Separate Garages, Guest Houses, etc.

   A separate garage building for not more than three (3) cars, of one story be permitted, provided that such structure must be attached to the main residence by a common wall or by a covered passage-way, provided that the main dwelling be substantially completed prior to said erection and provided further that all restrictions, covenants, conditions and uses herein are complied with. All garage structures shall be enclosed on at least two sides and no such structure shall open directly to the street. Garage structures on corner lots shall be completely enclosed.


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Deed Restrictions

There are 3 sections to Lakewood Park — sections 3, 4, and 5. Currently there are two sets of deed restrictions, one for Section 3, and one for Sections 4 & 5 combined. The listings below are for general information only. To receive a complete copy of the deed restrictions, contact the HOA President.